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Think about non-traditional spa vacations.

Milestone celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries are prime opportunities for spa travel. Additional special occasions include multi-generational trips with grandparents and their adult children or mother-daughter getaways.

  Many guests who are going through a transition in life;  they may have lost a spouse, been recently divorced or have a health issue.
“ We can give them the spiritual, physical and emotional tools they’ll need to get through it with class. We are starting to see second marriages – small groups of friends and families gathering for a celebration”. 

Don’t forget men.

“The percentage of men going to spas has jumped from about a third to almost half in many Spa Resorts in the last couple of years. As a result, more space is being devoted to them and there is more co-ed space and facilities, like Jacuzzis, as well”.

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Wellness and Healthy Travel… JESS Kalinowsky

“Responding to stress positively is a full-time commitment.”

#WellnessTravel, which now represents a sizable chunk of global tourism, is growing at nearly twice the rate of total worldwide tourism.

“Wellness tourism is poised to reshape tourism as we know it.”

“So many 21st century forces are fueling it, including the rise of chronic diseases and the unprecedented stress of modern life.”

#WellnessTravel reveals new directions in tourism, including the kinds of experiences tourists will seek and the countries where they will travel to find them.

“People are now choosing destinations that help them keep or get healthy while traveling”.

“A growing, segment are also now taking trips with the specific, sole purpose of improving their personal well being,”

#WellnessTourism is one of many niches in the increasingly popular special interest market.

Clients who take wellness trips are also likely to take part in other niche activities during their trip including #culinary, @adventure, #cultural or #eco-tourism pursuits,

Jess Kalinowky with over twenty five years experience in these areas of travel is ready to help you make the right choices.

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